Agriculture pilot: smart potato

Sensors placed between the potatoes provide information about factors such as humidity, temperature and nutrients. This enables farmers to intervene where necessary (precision farming).

Care pilot: specialist care indication

Live data (e.g. video images) enable specialists in hospital to see what’s going on in an ambulance and help decide which treatment is needed and/or which hospital the patient should be taken to.

Traffic & logistics pilot: autonomous transport for the disabled

The 5G network takes a special bus that transports people with a disability on the smartest route, providing made-to-measure help for its clients.

Living environment pilot: 5G wave through the landscape

Sensors in the soil provide information about earthquakes, measuring the ‘route’ they take. This gives residents up-to-date information about earth movements in their location.

Energy pilot: smart network

Sensors provide up-to-date information about the volumes of energy (including sustainable energy) being generated and consumed. This allows the grid managers to respond to situations as they arise, guaranteeing supplies and preventing the network from becoming overloaded.