Economic Board Groningen welcomes Dell EMC and VMware as new partners of 5Groningen

14 December 2018

Today the Economic Board Groningen (EBG) announced that US companies Dell EMC and VMware will join the EBG 5Groningen-programme as technology partners. As new members of the 5G Lab-initiative, Dell EMC and VMware will join forces with 10 other partners in the areas of telecom, innovation, science and economic development to develop test applications for 5G with a focus on the Internet of Things (IoT). By delivering resources in terms of infrastructure, software and knowledge for this initiative, Dell EMC and VMware can fully illustrate their telco and IoT expertise and innovative capacities. The coming months will be dedicated to listing the 5G pilots that can be enhanced with high-performance platforms from Dell EMC and the broader security, IoT and virtualization knowledge and solutions from VMware.

Groningen leads Europe with 5G tests

5Groningen brings together partners from the fields of telecommunications, innovation, science and sustainable economic development to jointly research the practical applications of 5G - the next generation of mobile technology. Innovation research focuses on the sectors of logistics, healthcare, the environment, energy and agriculture. Self-driving cars and the monitoring of crop diseases are two flagship examples of specific applications to be targeted. Groningen is the only rural area in Europe where 5G tests are being carried out, making the 5Groningen project a unique initiative at an EU level.

Win-win-win for Dell EMC, VMware and 5Groningen

The knowledge and expertise from both Dell EMC and VMware will give a boost to the development of 5G applications and IoT use cases. By combining forces with other members in the 5G Lab, Dell EMC, VMware and EBG will all profit from new opportunities and an even more advanced platform.

Peter Rake, Program Manager at 5Groningen: “I am delighted that Dell EMC and VMware are coming on board to further strengthen our 5G-pilot. Both companies are global leaders in virtualization, IoT and cloud-solutions. Our pilot projects can significantly benefit from usage of the technological knowledge and IT-platforms from these companies.”

Honore’ LaBourdette, Vice President, Global Market Development, VMware Telco NFV added, “As the telecommunications sector aligns its 5G strategy, VMware is collaborating with the greater ecosystem to shape and deliver the next generation of cloud native and virtualized solutions so service providers can reap the benefits of 5G, IoT and prosper in the cloud economy. Our participation in the 5G pilot in Groningen, together with Dell EMC, is an important initiative as we look to accelerate the development of best-in-class solutions.”

Patrick van de Coolwijk, Managing Director Commercial at Dell EMC Nederland: “5G has a huge potential to connect the society, accelerate services and make them more user friendly. Dell EMC sees it as their mission to facilitate innovative initiatives like the 5G pilot and we are happy to join the 5Groningen program together with VMware. Dell EMC will deliver the physical infrastructure which enables the processing of high volumes of data at the speed of light. By delivering processing power, storage capacity and a network, we make it possible for companies to build groundbreaking applications and give the development of 5G a boost.”

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