Why 5Groningen?

5G is still in the development phase. Telecom manufacturers are working hard on new antennae and sensors, but the technology is not quite ready for the market yet. To take it to the next level, the manufacturers need to know how the market and users intend to use 5G in the future. This is why we are testing the new technology in North-Groningen.

Why North-Groningen?

North-Groningen is a vast rural expanse of land, with plenty of space offering a wealth of opportunities. But this area also involves challenges; it is sparsely populated with an ageing population. How, for example, do we ensure that public transport continues to provide an adequate service? What is needed to ensure adequate long-term care for an ever-ageing population? 5G is also a great opportunity for entrepreneurs. It allows farmers to view and analyse data sent via 5G by sensors covering hundreds of hectares of crops at speeds that were previously inconceivable.

Furthermore, it will give North-Groningen new economic impetus. Thanks to 5Groningen, the area can be a pioneer in the latest technology. This will not only help Groningen, but eventually the Netherlands and even Europe too.