Connect the Unconnected

We are at the cradle of the Internet of Things where more and more devices are connected directly to the internet without human intervention. Examples include the rubbish bins, bicycles, street lights, fridges etc. Many of these opportunities make daily life more fun, easier or safer. Some solutions connect devices, others connect devices to people and there are applications that connect people with people.

For many items there already is a connected version, for example cars, bicycles, watches and fridges. However, there are many other possible connectivity options.

Connect the unconnected Assignment

Select an application that does not yet have a connected version and create a prototype with 5G connectivity. Determine the functionality yourself.

Instructions & suggestions

  • It can connect things with things, things with people or people with people.
  • Detail the data exchange and the required sensors and actuators.
  • This assignments calls on maximum originality and creativity.