5G en Outdoor

When you visit a city or an area, you want to find out what’s on offer in the area there and then. Whether they are tourists, students or new inhabitants, people want to have a quick and convenient way to discover the interesting and relevant places and routes in the area.

Outdoor trails are intended to make new and existing visitors to Groningen more familiar with the environment in the city and its surroundings. It is about walking and/or cycling routes that are prepared on the basis of the visitor's interests.

5G and Outdoor Assignment

Think of a way in which visitors to Groningen can discover the city and its surroundings on outdoor trails with interactive support via 5G

Specifications & suggestions

  • The outdoor trails can be completed with an application on a smartphone.
  • The routes trigger various interactive elements (e.g. VR/AR) by using sensors along the way.
  • Consider a number of trails inspired by the visitor's interests and display those in the app.
  • Use sensors that could trigger interactive in-depth exploration of those trails.