5G and Sustainability

ECO Footprint

We are really using up our natural reserves. Our ecological footprint, or ECO footprint, is the space on the planet we take up as an individual. This space is calculated on the basis of your lifestyle. Everything you consume takes up space. Eating and drinking take up space, because it needs to be grown and transported. Paper use and energy consumption (CO2 emission) also take up space. The consequences of your behaviour can be expressed as a number with the footprint. This number expresses the piece of the planet you take up. All over the world, the ECO footprint has gone up strongly over the past few years. Right now, one planet actually is no longer enough  :’-(     High time for change!

Instructions & suggestions

Think of a way in which you can use 5G to obtain some insight into the ECO footprint of an individual or a group of people. The ultimate aim is to make more people aware of their own behaviour in respect of the environment.

Instructions & suggestions

  • Monitor the consumption of energy, gas, water, waste, food or transport etc.
  • Make use of sensors that chart energy consumption or water consumption.
  • Make a distinction between individuals and/or families/streets/neighbourhoods. You can also consider businesses, governments or educational institutions. 
  • As soon as a certain volume has been reached, a sensor provides a signal.
  • Produce a game if possible.