5G and Smart Living

Technology can make our life more comfortable, energy efficient and safer. For example, lights that go on as soon as you enter a room or a security camera you can check on your smartphone. If different parts of a house or the garden can be linked together we call that ‘smart living’. Think about a smart mower that mows the grass when it is too long... Shutters that close automatically when the sun shines or a smart fridge that lists the food and drink available. The smart fridge automatically produces a shopping list, because it knows exactly which products are nearly gone.

The possibilities are infinite. But...where is the demand?
How do we make sure that ‘smart living’ is easy to operate?

5G and Smart Living Assignment

Think of a ‘smart living’ solution that uses 5G. 

Specifications & suggestions

  • Think about connections that don't exist yet. What would make life more comfortable, energy efficient or safer?
  • Make your solution as user-friendly as possible.
  • Consider connectivity and remote control.