5G and Healthcare

In the Netherlands all of us are living longer. Ideally in good health, but not everyone will be blessed with that. Older people continue to live independently for much longer, but the number of healthcare providers is decreasing, particularly in rural areas. These trends put pressure on the quality of healthcare in the future. Smart solutions with new technologies, such as robots, sensors, image links and 5G, can contribute to maintaining good quality healthcare provisions for older people in their own home. If healthcare providers could focus on the healthcare tasks from person to person, whilst technology unburdens them from tasks that do not require human interaction, we could deal with this challenge.

5G and Healthcare Assignment

Develop a solution, using 5G, that enables older people to live in their own home, independently for longer.

Instructions & suggestions

  • Monitor daily behaviour of people to monitor their well-being, for example sensors that record the use of the fridge, toilet, front door.
  • Smart medication boxes that help the user to take the right medication at the right time in the right dose
  • Options for chats with care providers through image links
  • Unintrusive alarms in case of emergencies